Statement From The RA-T Pizza Squat Eviction

On 23rd March, Resist Anti-Trespass (R-AT  🐀) occupied former Vapiano restaurant on Wardour St in Soho, to share joy and free pizza with everyone. They’ve created a beautiful well looked after space in solidarity with anyone protesting PCSC (Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill), and to show what creative and positive action trespass can be.

From Day 1, they received threats from police and withstand several attempts of forced entry and continued hassasment.

On 25th March, under the pretext of fake gas leak, their space was besieged by police from midday till 8pm when the riot police violently entered their home, destroyed it with rage and brutally assaulted 4 people inside by throwing them on the ground, chocking and punching them unconscious to the point where an Ambulance was needed, and people were sent to the hospital.

After nearly 24 hours arrest they were released without bail or charges, pending ‘investigation’.

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Squatters Take Clapham Common Cop Shop Statement

47 Cavendish Road, Clapham Common, London, SW12 0BL

Clapham Common Police Station

Squatters and autonomous activists have occupied the former Clapham Common Police Station to demand the withdrawal of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and the end of the femicide recently highlighted by the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Met police officer.

As the closest cop shop to where Sarah was last seen, the occupation of this building holds particular importance and meaning at this time. Although the bill has been postponed, we have to keep fighting it to ensure it does not pass. And in the meantime, violence against women continues. We must seize this moment where we find ourselves UNITED in rage, unified in our fight against the ongoing global femicide and to remember people like Sarah, Blessing Olusegun and countless others and to build our fight to end violence against women.

We also seek to bring attention to Section 4 of the Bill which criminalises trespass, a racist move by this Tory government which will affect predominantly travellers and van dwellers but also squatters, protest camps and the homeless. We hope that all those who resist the expansion of police powers in the Tories Bill will also join us in resisting any amended versions of that Bill which retain this racist attack which will make a travelling way of life almost impossible.

Last night, police attempted to intimidate us into leaving the building, stating that they did not care that this was a legally occupied building and that they would turn up in the morning full force to get us out. We called their bluff and continue to enforce our rights as squatters to occupy this empty building in political protest.

We invite all to come and help occupy the space, to discuss and share ideas and create networks of solidarity which will help us to resist this racist, authoritarian Bill, and just to use the space for whatever you need it for as we work to stop this Bill and end femicide!

In love, rage and solidarity,

The occupiers xx

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Pie ‘n’ Mash Autonomous Social Centre: The Squat Taking Deptford By Storm

A group of squatters is running an autonomous social centre in the heart of Deptford. The squat has been going for nearly six months now, after the crew was evicted from three previous squats on the high-street. The squatters have received a great response from the local working-class community and continue to host events for both squatters and the wider neighbourhood.

Running an autonomous cafe, with tea, coffee and snacks, as well as a place to chill out and relax, the squatters are distributing books, clothes and information on political happenings in London and beyond. There is space for radical left-wing groups to hold meetings or host events.

One squatter remarked: “It’s a rare situation in which people are welcomed to come in and participate in the squat without necessarily being “part” it.”

The current address is now (as of 10/03/20)
38-40 Deptford High St

Open from Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12pm-3pm and 7pm-9pm; and on Sundays 12pm-3pm
To get in touch:

GAF fucks the banks

On Friday 27th, the Green Anti-Capitalist Front (GAF) locked-down the London Stock Exchange in a demonstration against the power and wealth of the City of London.

Beginning at 2:30pm, demonstrators met at Bank station, and were quickly joined by City of London police, who harassed and provoked the crowd from the onset. Demonstrators held the line, refusing to talk with the police, and moving in strong formation towards the Stock Exchange. The cops, not knowing the direction of the demonstration, grew increasingly hostile.

On reaching the Stock Exchange, demonstrators flash-occupied the building in an angry and joyful show of fierce resistance, music, discussions and chanting a plenty. Of course, the police were violent, repeatedly barging into and threatening to arrest people. Four arrests were made.
The rally was held to show that power and wealth is not invulnerable, that the only thing maintaining this system is the complacency of those who run it.

In the words of GAF:

“If you’re pissed off, if you’re done with powerful, rich people exploiting you – getting richer while you toil away for fuck all – then join us. Message our page. Come to our events. Stand with us to show that this is our world, the people’s world.
This is only the beginning.” – GAF

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Cops evict copshop: Paddington Green police station squat evicted

Today at seven o’clock, squatters were dragged out of Paddington Green police station, which has been squatted for almost three weeks.

The eviction order was granted by the high court in the past week, explicitly mentioning the disruption the squat has caused to police firearms training in the building.

More than sixty bailiffs, police and private security stormed the building just past seven o’clock in the morning. The squatters, some of whom showed committed militancy, managed to secure time enough to gather their belongs before being evicted.

Staying nearly an extra week beyond the eviction order should be seen as a big “fuck you” to the state and its police. Although it was a broad coalition of collectives who helped occupy the building, it remained those who showed militancy until the end, and respect for a diversity of tactics, who seemed to win the day.

In memory of Mark Duggan, Sean Rigg, Ian Tomlinson and those who have suffered at the hands of the police.

No justice, no peace!

12 Rules For WHAT – A podcast about the far right

A podcast about fascists, nazis, and far right, from the perspective of the left with interviews, discussions of the main themes of far right theory and practice, and in-depth analyses of particular movements and people within it.


Apple / IPhone


Stream (soundcloud):


Ep.1 Introduction
In this episode they lay out some of their thinking about fascism, the far right and how to fight back!

Ep.2 Masculinity With Amy (@Feminist_AntiF)
Amy is from the Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly
A discussion with Amy, to discuss their response to fascist masculinity and the centrality of feminism to anti-fascist work.

Ep.3 All About Steve (@ldnantifascists)
In this show they talk about the propaganda of Tommy Robinson, the affective bond he has created with his audience and the impact his recent banning from social media and fundraising platforms will have on him.
We also interview two activists from London Antifascists on Tommy Robinson.

Ep.4 Neofascism?
Neo-fascism describes a set of political attempts by the far right to reform themselves in a way that is palatable to post-War European electorates.
Discussing neo fascism, and distinguish between different fascisms – which can manifest as both movements and states.

Ep.5 On the Christchurch Attack – Alex on Dissident Island (@DissidentIsland)
Alex gives an analysis of the twisted politics used to justify the cowardly New Zealand mosque attack.
You can hear the rest of the show here:

Ep.6 Fascism and the Occult With Angie Speaks (@SpeaksAngie)
Angie Speaks ia a Leftist YouTuber and Writer.
A discussion on fascism, nazis and the occult, fascist paganism and a possible left subversion of fascist occultism

Reference particularly made in this epsiode to Eric Kurlander’s Hiter’s Monsters.

Ep.7 National Action with James Poulter
James Poulter is a journalist.
Discussing the history of the group, their extremist politics and how they fit into the international national socialist scene.

Ep.8 Generation Identity with James Poulter & Tommy
James Poulter is a trade union activist, Tommy is a trade union activist and antifascist.
Discussing the origins of the group, why their politics were so extreme, why the indentitarian have floundered in the UK, their likelihood for success, and how we can oppose their racist politics.

Ep.9 The National Front in the 1970s with Dave Renton (@Livesrunning)
Discussing their history and politics through the 70s and chart their transformations, from their rejection of street politics to their later marches. How did anti-fascist action lead to their collapse? What lessons are to be learned from their successes now?

Ep.10 Strategic antifascism with Mark Bray (@Mark__Bray)
An interview with author of ‘Antifa: the antifascist handbook’.
Mark Bray is a political organizer and historian of human rights, terrorism, and political radicalism in Modern Europe. Also in this episode, they have a discussion about strategic antifascism, the London Anti-Fascist Assembly (LAFA) and the recent article in Freedom News.

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So the #MilkshakeChallenge seems to be a thing.
After Tommeh was ‘accidentally’ milkshaked last week in Warrington, people have been sharing memes and pictures calling for #MilkshakeChallenge, with some local shops giving away free milkshakes or saying they will replace one if used in the right way.
Yesterday UK yellow-vest, known fascist and snitch Carly Leahy attempted to antagonise people on a FB livestream–when someone seemed to have had enough:





As the video shows, another milkshake ended up on fascist heads, all over Carly Leahy and a nearby police liason officer. The person was later arrested and released the same night.
The next day UKIP candidate and rape apologist Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, was in Cornwall , and got covered in milkshake by yet another unknown local. There was a little scuffle without arrests.



Tommeh’s next few dates and places:
We suport the use of milkshakes for this and hope to see more in the future.

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SLAP – Squatters Of London Action Paper – Issue #10

Cick Here to Download Issue #10

SLAP! (Squatters of London Action Paper) is a monthly DIY newspaper for squatters in London. It is available in print and online as a PDF. The paper combines news, pictures, analysis and humour and aims to strengthen connections between squatters in London in order to encourage direct actions and other forms of anarchist organising.


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