About us

Fascists and bailiffs so often share faces. No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists (NFAAF) is a group of squatters, travellers and homeless people combating fascist and bailiff thuggery.

The battle against fascism and against the repression of squatters, travellers and homeless people is the same. Security guards in empty buildings, detention centres and prisons are employed by the same few companies. There is little difference between fascists on the street and those who come to evict us.

A militant antifascist presence on streets and in squats is essential. Creating antifascist, anti-capitalist, anti-statist NFA communities prevents fascist recruitment from the pavement while escalating the fight against the criminalisation of squatters, travellers and homeless people. The institutional racism experienced by travellers, such as at Dale Farm, or the state violence of PSCOs and Vagrancy Acts experienced by homeless people urgently require a militant antifascist response.

NFA Anti-Fascists push for accessibility to antifascism, challenging the presumptions that we can all afford travel or subscription fees, or that the time of unemployed people is worth less than those who work.

NFAAF is a response by people of no fixed abode to the border crisis. Travelling from one place to another, often squatting in resistance at Calais, the ZADs or Athens, or homeless upon arrival in fortress Europe, migrants are largely of no fixed abode. Fighting for squatters and homeless people means fighting against borders, immigration raids and detention centres.

Whether fascists, bailiffs, plastic coppers or the bigots we find around us, the fight against fascism is a struggle lived by squatters, travellers and homeless people. The militancy required to defend our homes and bodies against state and capitalist violence and the militancy against fascism is the same.


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