A Qucik Visit to the Home Office

Last night after the Trump demo, a group turned up to protest at the operational base of the Home Office on Melior St, near Ldn Bridge. To their total surprise they found that an unknown person/group appeared to have smashed the windscreen of one of the snatch vans earlier on.

Clearly anger against immigration enforcement is even more widespread than we’d imagined. The demo expressed solidarity with migrants resisting the raids in #Chinatown this week, & anger + sorrow at the killing of a 23 yr-old Sudanese migrant in Newport #justiceformustafa

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SLAP – Squatters Of London Action Paper – Issue #8 & #9



SLAP – (Squatters of London Action Paper) is a DIY newspaper for squatters in London. It is available in print at your nerest local squat and online as a PDF. The paper combines news, pictures, analysis, events and humour and aims to strengthen connections between squatters in London in order to encourage direct actions and other forms of anarchist organising within the squat scene.

Check here to download the previous issues of S.L.A.P – https://nfaaf.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/slap-squatters-of-london-action-paper-issue-7/

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Paper copies available now from Freedom Bookshop (Whitechapel), 56a Infoshop (Elephant and Castle) and all good squat collectives.

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Lets stand together because once again the EDL are trying to take advantage of the recent terror attacks in the UK. Trying gain members and any support they can by having a march as close to the 1 year anniversary of Lee Rigby. They changed he date from the 17th June to 24th June, because I guess they couldn’t do maths and realised the 24th was closer to the actual death of Lee Rigby, which was the 22nd July.

The event has yet to post a time and route, but watch this space, it will be updated when released.

Remember it’s Central London so be careful for Spotters (fash that take your pictures and relay info back to there march), Police and CCTV. Always remember the basics and wear a mask/face covering at all times and always stay with a group you know.
More info: Green and Black Cross / Netpol

Lets do to them what happened to Britain first a few months ago when they attempted to march in London and SMASH THE FASH.

Call GBC if arrested and any squatters, homeless or travellers or people without an address get arrested a number will be released on the day on our twitter ( @NFA_Antifascists ) and FB (/NoFixedAbodeAntiFascist) and a phone number will provided for people to use and a ‘care of’ address can be used.


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Poor Show By Far Right Groups in London (April 1st)

April the 1st (an appropriate date for them to hold a march), In light if recent events in London, various right wing groups have tried to capitalise on it and called there own march right away calling it “March Against Terrorism”.
Originally called by Britain First it said over 700 going and nearly 2k interested but this was far from what we saw on the streets with no less than 200 showing up with more flags than people they were met and was far outnumbered by various antifasists groups.

Thanks to all the squatters, homless and travellers that managed to come down on the day, managed not to get kettled, intimadated and were on the streets till late that night also the NFA-AF members who made sure they got home “safely”.

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Till all are Free: NFAAF active with No Borders in Coquelles

On New Year’s Eve, No Fixed Abode Anti fascists joined Calais Migrant Solidarity and people without papers to show solidarity with migrants imprisoned in the detention prison at Coquelles.

Despite their internet threats few racists showed up and those few from Calaisiens en Colere hid behind their cars in the parking lot throughout. The demo was angry and loud in the face of the CRS (French riot police), who uphold the racist border regime, regularly violently attacking migrants and protecting the fascists.

The fascist presence in Calais remains dangerously strong. Fascists attacking the road outside the camp every night intimidating migrants and their comrades with knives, explosives and pellet guns. Since 1st October at least 9 refugees have been gassed and beaten after being abducted in the night. In the past 3 days people in the jungle have increasingly resisted fascist and police attacks, with another being quickly defeated and the fascists beaten away on January 5th.

We will continue to fight until our friends are free and the racist discrimination of borders is destroyed. Solidarity with all those fighting fortress Europe!

Screw Skrewdriver


A few weeks ago members of NFAAF came across Skrewdriver records being sold at a shop in the Stables in Camden.

Skrewdriver took Oi punk, a genre of music which evolved from the mash up of cultures that was Ska, and used it to spread their white supremacist bullshit through the punk scene.

This was conveyed to the shop assistant who initially attempted to make excuses, declaring one of the records in question was ‘before they became racist’, but then agreed to get the manager to stop selling the records.

The shop was re-visited and on finding that the records remained it was made clear that if fascist propaganda was not removed then our crew would come down in number to ensure that it was.

Fascist tourists continue to visit Camden. We will confront both them in our streets and in shops such as this – that de-value this area’s punk and African-Caribbean history by catering to shit music taste. Making profits off racist propaganda will not be tolerated.

Today we confirmed that racist records are no longer on sale at the shop.

Fuck the greyzone!

Up the punks!

Remember Przychodnia: Fight Fascism, Patriotism and Militarism!

Today, on Armistice Day, No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists took the steps of Euston War Memorial against patriotism and for solidarity with anti-fascist and anti-militarist struggle.

Two years ago on this day, the Przychodnia squat in Warsaw successfully resisted an attack by neo-fascists on the March for Independence’. Refusing to intervene, police blocked people from reaching the nationalists, who set two cars alight and threw molotovs at the squat. Two squatters were injured while repelling the fascists from the roof.

SG206915The wars of the rich and street battles of their nationalist lackeys have a history of resistance by people of no fixed abode. On 20th September 2014, squatters in Calais Bleriot Avenue defended against a fascist attack after a demonstration in the city. During Francos rule in Spain, underground squats in Catalonia provided spaces for political refugees, organising and urban resistance. On one occasion in Auschwitz, hundreds of Romani people refused to be taken away and so resisted with knives and bricks. The black poppy remembers those on any or no side who resisted, rebelled and mutinied against the First World War and all wars after.

The anti-fascist resistance at Przychodnia contrasts with the patriotism of todays Remembrance. A hub of far-right activity on the ground, Remembrance Day phrases British patriotism and anti-German xenophobia as anti-fascist struggle. As the British Legion and Lockheed Martin clap for money and the crowd claps for national identity, everywhere people struggle against fascism, patriotism and militarism.

Homes not Spikes

020Since the Tory victory in 2012, homeless spikes have increased twofold. Springing up in doorways and overhangs everywhere, spikes are a blatant exercise in the war against homeless people.

Property owners have time and again ignored peaceful protests against the spikes, which force homeless people to sleep in areas where police intimidation and freezing temperatures are commonplace.

unnamedIn response, No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists have dismantled spikes in the local area and will continue to do so until property owners cease to violate homeless people. NFAAF members provided homeless people in the area with ‘No Comment’ and ‘Stop and Search’ information to prevent police using imagined legislation to further their criminalisation.

026In other news, NFAAF sends solidarity to those at the ZAD who are preparing to resist an upcoming eviction attempt, autonomous student groups preparing for the free education march at Malet Street in London on 4th November, and to Bradford Anti-Fascist Network who have announced their demonstration against the EDL in Bradford on 14th November.

Against fascism! Against borders!

Proving that anti-fascism is a diverse struggle, today NFAAF joined other anti-fascists in Dover to oppose borders, Bristol Anti-Fascists opposed Bristol United Patriots, and Midlands Anti-Fascists confronted Britain First in Burton.

The racist hysteria created by fascists and politicians and its foundation, fortress Europe, are urgent targets for anti-fascists everywhere. NFA Anti-Fascists joined hundreds in the struggle for migrant liberation from borders, detention centres and xenophobia. Unlike earlier fascist protests for greater border control in Dover, today’s ‘Refugees Welcome’ march went unopposed. When fascists came to the city, they received curse-words and bricks. Today Dover came out onto the streets to fight against the violence of borders and for solidarity with migrants.

Often squatting at Calais, the ZADs or Athens, or homeless upon arrival within fortress Europe, migrants are largely of no fixed abode. Fighting in solidarity with other squatters and homeless people means fighting against borders.


Bristol United Patriots and Pie and Mash squad were continually run out of town by local anti-fascists today too. BUP members were confronted between the Bristol Marriott Hotel and Cathedral and were penned within more than one shop in the city. The dregs of Pie and Mash squad were later chased out of Bristol with little or no opposition.


Meanwhile Midlands Anti-Fascists opposed fascists Britain First in Burton-on-Trent, who required huge police protection to avoid the same fate as those in Bristol. Despite boasting of hundreds of thousands of Facebook “likes”, Britain First actions are consistently becoming scattered flash-mobs incapable of defending themselves from community resistance.


Solidarity with all anti-fascists on the streets today.