International Callout from the ZAD

International callout from the ZAD for help to resist possible upcoming eviction. Defend autonomous squatted spaces!

ZAD-NDDL – If they come back, we’ll resist even harder!

Callout to all the people and committees in solidarityzadcallout-400x566

Committees from all over the region have met several times over the past two years to plan their reactions in case of a new attack on the zad or beginning work. We don’t know if or when they’ll attack again, but we will be ready to strike back if the moment comes. Here are some propositions of what to do from the inter-committee meetings, to be adapted to local conditions. Bringing together different kinds of actions, at multiple geographical levels, will make sure they fail again. If there is confirmation of a massive police intervention a common callout will be published on and

On and around the ZAD:
– Call to come resist on the zone and to make sure that we’re not encircled and cut off
– Disturb the check-points and movements of the police and ensure the circulation of supporters and supplies.

nddl-calloutIn the region:
– From the first day of the operation, coordinated actions to blockade roads, whether access points of the zone pr the main axes and strategic points of the region. Occupations of “places of power” (government or private contractor buildings/offices, police stations, etc)
– Nighttime noise demos outside the hotels where the police and military police sleep.
– The first evening, meeting point of different actions or blockades, in front of the police headquarters at 6pm.
– Demo Saturday in Nantes after one week of intervention.

Outside of the region:
-Callout to occupy places of power or local operations to slow the flow of capital, as well as coming to the ZAD to defend for those who can.


Against fascism! Against borders!

Proving that anti-fascism is a diverse struggle, today NFAAF joined other anti-fascists in Dover to oppose borders, Bristol Anti-Fascists opposed Bristol United Patriots, and Midlands Anti-Fascists confronted Britain First in Burton.

The racist hysteria created by fascists and politicians and its foundation, fortress Europe, are urgent targets for anti-fascists everywhere. NFA Anti-Fascists joined hundreds in the struggle for migrant liberation from borders, detention centres and xenophobia. Unlike earlier fascist protests for greater border control in Dover, today’s ‘Refugees Welcome’ march went unopposed. When fascists came to the city, they received curse-words and bricks. Today Dover came out onto the streets to fight against the violence of borders and for solidarity with migrants.

Often squatting at Calais, the ZADs or Athens, or homeless upon arrival within fortress Europe, migrants are largely of no fixed abode. Fighting in solidarity with other squatters and homeless people means fighting against borders.


Bristol United Patriots and Pie and Mash squad were continually run out of town by local anti-fascists today too. BUP members were confronted between the Bristol Marriott Hotel and Cathedral and were penned within more than one shop in the city. The dregs of Pie and Mash squad were later chased out of Bristol with little or no opposition.


Meanwhile Midlands Anti-Fascists opposed fascists Britain First in Burton-on-Trent, who required huge police protection to avoid the same fate as those in Bristol. Despite boasting of hundreds of thousands of Facebook “likes”, Britain First actions are consistently becoming scattered flash-mobs incapable of defending themselves from community resistance.


Solidarity with all anti-fascists on the streets today.

EDL opposed in Aylesbury

Solidarity with Oxford Anti-Fascists who opposed the EDL in Aylesbury yesterday. Antifascists outnumbered the racists by around fifty people, who managed to march only under heavy police protection. The chant ‘If it wasn’t for the coppers you’d be dead’ comes to mind.

Write-up from Oxford Anti-Fascists:

Yesterday saw the rump end of the English Defence League wander through Aylesbury closely protected by Thames Valley Police. With less them 100 of them turning up, it looked like they had more flags than members. The EDL is dwindling away and the situation is very different to the last time they came to Aylesbury in 2010 when almost 1,000 people joined their demo. The couple of small groups of EDL that were milling around in the town centre in the morning were noticeably less confident and beat a hasty retreat at the sight of anti-fascists, saving the usual chants of ‘smash the reds’ and ‘come on then’ until they were safely behind police lines. They know they are a spent force.

The AFN and UAF assembled a counter-demo of around 150 but we were penned in by large numbers of police when the EDL drew near, allowing them to march their planned route right through Aylesbury’s main shopping area. The EDL have now reached a stage where they can only march when protected by massive police deployment. It is more important than ever for anti-fascists to show opposition to the EDL, as marching unopposed will only embolden them to carry out racist attacks on the people of Aylesbury and other towns. We had great support from locals turning out to join the counter-demo and then hanging around with the AFN afterwards to give the EDL a rousing send-off and make sure they left town. Lots of positive chants from our side: refugees are welcome here, racists are not!


Yesterday NFA Anti-Fascists confronted racist band Zona A at their gig at The Dome in Tufnell Park.

Planning to catch the band upon arrival, NFAAF members scouted the building, later breaking backstage and confronting front-man Koňýk – famous for such song-titles as ‘Cigánsky Problém’ (‘Gypsy Problem’) – as he prepared to play.

Eventually bundled away by friends and entourage, a visibly shaken Koňýk responded only with shouts for help and racist clichés. Anti-fascists later monitored the leaving crowd for far-right insignia.

‘Gypsy Problem’ was released in 1990s Czechoslovakia where Roma gypsies were routinely murdered by Nazi skinhead gangs. Although Zona A later distanced themselves from the song, covers include one by Juden Mord (Jew Murder). A couple of years ago published an article on Koňýk, linking him with several important figures on the Czech and Slovakian extreme right.

In a society with permanent fascist threats, militant resistance to racism is the only remaining option for oppressed people. Anti-traveller discrimination is racism and must be confronted in our everyday lives, at gigs or squats, as against fascists and neo-Nazis in the street.

Fuck the Greyzone – the venues, fans and labels playing to the idea that music is simply music and nothing about the politics behind it – who create the climate of apathy in which racism flourishes. We must smash racism and fight apathy wherever we find them.

NFA Antifascism

Fascists and bailiffs so often share faces. No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists (NFAAF) is a group of squatters, travellers and homeless people combating fascist and bailiff thuggery.

The battle against fascism and against the repression of squatters, travellers and homeless people is the same. Security guards in empty buildings, detention centres and prisons are employed by the same few companies. There is little difference between fascists on the street and those who come to evict us.

A militant antifascist presence on streets and in squats is essential. Creating antifascist, anti-capitalist, anti-statist NFA communities prevents fascist recruitment from the pavement while escalating the fight against the criminalisation of squatters, travellers and homeless people. The institutional racism experienced by travellers, such as at Dale Farm, or the state violence of PSCOs and Vagrancy Acts experienced by homeless people urgently require a militant antifascist response.

NFA Anti-Fascists push for accessibility to antifascism, challenging the presumptions that we can all afford travel or subscription fees, or that the time of unemployed people is worth less than those who work.

NFAAF is a response by people of no fixed abode to the border crisis – against the violence of borders, raids, detention centres and corporate profiteering from this repression. Travelling from one place to another, often squatting in resistance at Calais, the ZADs or Athens, or homeless upon arrival in fortress Europe, migrants are largely of no fixed abode. Fighting for squatters and homeless people means fighting against borders.

Whether fascists, bailiffs, plastic coppers or the bigots we find around us, the fight against fascism is a struggle lived by squatters, travellers and homeless people. The militancy required to defend our homes and bodies against state and capitalist violence and the militancy against fascism is the same.