#JusticeForGrenfell Squat Fundraiser [ #NoJusticeNoSleep ]

After the Grenfell Tower atrocity, in which hundreds lost their lives, squatters held a benefit party to help those affected. The atrocity occurred after cost-cutting Kensington and Chelsea council clad the building in a cheap, flammable material in an effort to make the block look more appealing to its rich and super-rich neighbours.

Held near London Bridge in an old student hospital, two rooms out of the hundreds laying empty were packed with people enjoying the music and sounds – from ska, punk and techno to spoken word, rap and grime. The live performances were equally diverse: FRANK, The Harriman Twins, Marlaboo and The Lodgers joined artists from the Grenfell area, including Crazy Haze, Apex Zero and Le Hornet.


The night was a great success with over £560 being made. It shows that squatters can get organised quickly, take an empty building and organize events and benefits they know are important. Moreover, it shows that working-class solidarity between squatters and tenants is not only alive and kicking, but kicking middle-class charity where it hurts.

All the money will be taken to Grenfell and given directly to the local community centre and migrant centre, which has just opened up for people living around the Tower who can’t go to hospital, police or local charities for fear that they will arrest and/or deport them.

With more events in this space being organised, we will be sure to let you know when it is happening via our Twitter.

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SLAP – Squatters Of London Action Paper – Issue 7

Release date: 24/04/2017

Email: squatterSLAP (@) riseup.net

SLAP! (Squatters of London Action Paper) is a monthly DIY newspaper for squatters in London. It is available in print and online as a PDF. The paper combines squat news, pictures, actions, history, events and humour which aims to strengthen connections between squatters in London in order to encourage direct actions and other forms of anarchist organising.

Paper copies available now from freedom bookshop (Whitechapel), 56a Infoshop (Elephant and Castle) and all good squat collectives.

Previous Issues:

Issue 1 (2.17 mb)

Issue 2 (1.55 mb)

Issue 3 (983.73 kb)

Issue 4 (will post soon)

Issue 5 (1.58mb)

Issue 6 (will post soon)

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Squatters Handbook 2017 (14th Edition) Still Available

The Squatters Handbook has been published by the Advisory Service for Squatters in London since 1976. It is now in its fourteenth edition and provides over a hundred pages of detailed legal and practical information about squatting and homelessness in England and Wales.

They released the 14th edition of the handbook in October 2016, with more content, easier to read, plus glossary and index and more up to date.

It ONLY costs only £2, or £3.50 with postage. Available in all good anarchist bookshops and squat collectives.

If you’re in London, come into there office (Freedom Bookshop) and pick up a copy. Otherwise write, phone, or email for your copy. Send us your name and address along with a cheque for £3.50 written out to A.S.S, or seven 50p stamps (or equivalent), and they’ll get one in the post straight away:

84b Whitechapel High St,
E1 7QX



Squatters Handbook: http://www.squatter.org.uk/squatters-handbook

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Property Developers Awards Gets Shut Down as cockroaches and manure left outside

The demo against the Property Developer Awards – suported by Sexual Avengers, A.N.A.L, S.H.A, Class War and various others – took place yesterday (April 4th). Developers had paid £400 a head and up to £10,000 a table to attend the Awards, a gross meet-up for London’s top gentrifiers. 

Several pigs vans and a few pigs soon arrived to protect the property developers, who cowered behind them as they entered. The front entranced was successfully closed for a number of hours.

Flyers handed out read:

The Housing Crisis is killing queer people!
We demand Social Housing built for need not greed!

We demand Queer-Specific Homeless Services and an end to inner-city luxury developments!
We demand the scrapping Help to Buy and Right to Buy!
We demand a Rent Cap!
We also demand you stop this celebration, held on the dead and dying bodies of our brothers and sisters and non-binary allies!

Because but not exclusive to:
1/4 of the UK’s Homeless Children are LGBTQ!
1/5 of Trans People have been denied housing because of their identity!
1/4 of Trans Homeless People have been sexually assaulted in a shelter!
1/4 of Queer People have suffered from domestic abuse!

This is just a start as we fight to stop Gentrafication and those set out to profit from the poor and homeless.

London in the midst of a housing crisis. Since 2010 the number of people rough sleeping across England has more than doubled, jumping by 16% between the years of 2015 and 2016 alone. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: over 275,000 people approach local authorities in 2016 for homelessness assistance. Rents are soaring; housing being built is unaffordable to all aside from the richest few; stability and security are nowhere to be found.

Much worse is to come and another protest in Camden .

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Tuesday the 4th of April
Grosvenors House
86 – 90 Park Lane
at 6.00pm

This year the awards are sponsored by multi-national property parasites Savills and costs £400 a ticket.

Once again the profiteers of gentrification will be back at the 5 star luxury Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane.
London is en route to becoming a playground for the rich elite – a process expedited by property developers in collusion with government and corrupt local authorities – ‘regeneration’ is the buzz-word.

Assessing every possible opportunity for expensive, luxury flats to be built, property developers are buying up social and private housing and commercial spaces to ensure maximum profit at whatever cost. The social cost of this process is that poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable people/groups are being evicted, made homeless and are relocated.
These parasites care only for the profits and London’s attraction to the global financial elite is leading them to convert living spaces, social amenities and community assets into soulless investment opportunities which serve none but a tiny, privileged minority.
They are contributing to rising rents and a shortage of social housing, to the closure of libraries and social centres, the demolition of pubs and clubs. They are complicit in a process of social cleansing, by which London is becoming off-limits to the families and communities that have lived here for generations, and built its reputation as the UK’s diverse and vibrant capital.


( Shut Down The Property Awards 2017. Tuesday 4th April, Park Lane at 6.00pm )

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Call-out: Solidarity with Sweets Way eviction arrestees



On 23 and 24 of September, the Sweets Way estate was evicted by dozens of High Court bailiffs and 7 vans of London Met police. Nearly a hundred occupiers of dozens of homes were turfed out, as was Mostafa, the last original resident of the estate. Supporters peacefully attempted to stop Mostafa’s eviction, many of whom were arrested. Fifteen now face criminal charges for obstructing High Court Enforcement Officers.

Their trial is scheduled to take place over three days, from 10am on Wednesday, December 16, through Friday, December 18. Supporters are encouraged to attend the hearings each day, but we are calling a solidarity rally outside Willesdon Magistrates Court for 1pm on Friday, December 18 to take a stand with those who were arrested for standing up to social cleansing.

Squats raided in Lille as repression increases

In the context of nationalism and fear engulfing the continent, on 17th November “RAID” paramilitary anti-terrorist units raided squats in the French town of Lille. With the Paris attacks has come a sharp spike in the rate of evictions and police raids on particularly political squats and those housing migrants.

Solidarity with all squatters feeling the brunt of French state power in these racialised and classist raids.


From Nantes Revoltee:

“Des nouvelles de France

Comme on l’annonçait, l’État d’Urgence ne sert qu’à renforcer l’Etat policier

Alors que les services de renseignement ont brillé par leur incroyable nullité, qu’un djihadiste a pu prendre la fuite sans être arrêté, le gouvernement continue la surenchère sécuritaire.

– Des centaines de perquisitions ont lieu ces dernières nuits dans toute la France. 128 rien que pour cette nuit. A Nantes, 3 personnes sont donc en Garde à Vue pour … du deal de cannabis !

– Dans le même temps, le RAID – cette unité d’élite antiterroriste, avec des policiers cagoulés et armés – a donné l’assaut contre … un squat de militants lillois ! “Armés et cagoulés, les hommes sont montés sur une échelle et ont cassé la fenêtre du premier étage afin d’entrer dans l’habitation” raconte un témoin. La presse explique finalement que “l’objectif était d’assister un huissier afin d’évacuer des squats”.

– Un petit caprice de Président, une petite vengeance en dehors de tout cadre légal. Hollande est parti en vrille hier, en décidant de modifier la Constitution et d’aller lâcher quelques bombes au hasard sur Racca, en Syrie. Alors que les proches des victimes des attentats parisiens sont d’une dignité incroyable, ce sont les gouvernants qui ont perdu tout sang froid ! Des dizaines de civils auraient été tués par les missiles français.
Les socialistes ont définitivement perdu toute dignité, et essaient d’imiter Poutine et Bush quand ils vomissent à la télé qu’ils veulent “exterminer les ennemis de la République”.

– Amadou Koumé, père de famille, était mort en mars 2015 après avoir été tabassé par des policiers dans le 10e arrondissement. La police avait caché le décès, et le corps du défunt, pendant un mois ! La justice vient de profiter de l’élan national pour prononcer un “non-lieu” sur cette affaire très gênante. C’est toute une famille subit une nouvelle humiliation, et une terrible injustice.”



Remember Przychodnia: Fight Fascism, Patriotism and Militarism!

Today, on Armistice Day, No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists took the steps of Euston War Memorial against patriotism and for solidarity with anti-fascist and anti-militarist struggle.

Two years ago on this day, the Przychodnia squat in Warsaw successfully resisted an attack by neo-fascists on the March for Independence’. Refusing to intervene, police blocked people from reaching the nationalists, who set two cars alight and threw molotovs at the squat. Two squatters were injured while repelling the fascists from the roof.

SG206915The wars of the rich and street battles of their nationalist lackeys have a history of resistance by people of no fixed abode. On 20th September 2014, squatters in Calais Bleriot Avenue defended against a fascist attack after a demonstration in the city. During Francos rule in Spain, underground squats in Catalonia provided spaces for political refugees, organising and urban resistance. On one occasion in Auschwitz, hundreds of Romani people refused to be taken away and so resisted with knives and bricks. The black poppy remembers those on any or no side who resisted, rebelled and mutinied against the First World War and all wars after.

The anti-fascist resistance at Przychodnia contrasts with the patriotism of todays Remembrance. A hub of far-right activity on the ground, Remembrance Day phrases British patriotism and anti-German xenophobia as anti-fascist struggle. As the British Legion and Lockheed Martin clap for money and the crowd claps for national identity, everywhere people struggle against fascism, patriotism and militarism.

International Callout from the ZAD

International callout from the ZAD for help to resist possible upcoming eviction. Defend autonomous squatted spaces!

ZAD-NDDL – If they come back, we’ll resist even harder!

Callout to all the people and committees in solidarityzadcallout-400x566

Committees from all over the region have met several times over the past two years to plan their reactions in case of a new attack on the zad or beginning work. We don’t know if or when they’ll attack again, but we will be ready to strike back if the moment comes. Here are some propositions of what to do from the inter-committee meetings, to be adapted to local conditions. Bringing together different kinds of actions, at multiple geographical levels, will make sure they fail again. If there is confirmation of a massive police intervention a common callout will be published on zad.nadir.org and acipa-ndl.fr

On and around the ZAD:
– Call to come resist on the zone and to make sure that we’re not encircled and cut off
– Disturb the check-points and movements of the police and ensure the circulation of supporters and supplies.

nddl-calloutIn the region:
– From the first day of the operation, coordinated actions to blockade roads, whether access points of the zone pr the main axes and strategic points of the region. Occupations of “places of power” (government or private contractor buildings/offices, police stations, etc)
– Nighttime noise demos outside the hotels where the police and military police sleep.
– The first evening, meeting point of different actions or blockades, in front of the police headquarters at 6pm.
– Demo Saturday in Nantes after one week of intervention.

Outside of the region:
-Callout to occupy places of power or local operations to slow the flow of capital, as well as coming to the ZAD to defend for those who can.

NFA Antifascism

Fascists and bailiffs so often share faces. No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists (NFAAF) is a group of squatters, travellers and homeless people combating fascist and bailiff thuggery.

The battle against fascism and against the repression of squatters, travellers and homeless people is the same. Security guards in empty buildings, detention centres and prisons are employed by the same few companies. There is little difference between fascists on the street and those who come to evict us.

A militant antifascist presence on streets and in squats is essential. Creating antifascist, anti-capitalist, anti-statist NFA communities prevents fascist recruitment from the pavement while escalating the fight against the criminalisation of squatters, travellers and homeless people. The institutional racism experienced by travellers, such as at Dale Farm, or the state violence of PSCOs and Vagrancy Acts experienced by homeless people urgently require a militant antifascist response.

NFA Anti-Fascists push for accessibility to antifascism, challenging the presumptions that we can all afford travel or subscription fees, or that the time of unemployed people is worth less than those who work.

NFAAF is a response by people of no fixed abode to the border crisis – against the violence of borders, raids, detention centres and corporate profiteering from this repression. Travelling from one place to another, often squatting in resistance at Calais, the ZADs or Athens, or homeless upon arrival in fortress Europe, migrants are largely of no fixed abode. Fighting for squatters and homeless people means fighting against borders.

Whether fascists, bailiffs, plastic coppers or the bigots we find around us, the fight against fascism is a struggle lived by squatters, travellers and homeless people. The militancy required to defend our homes and bodies against state and capitalist violence and the militancy against fascism is the same.