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SLAP – (Squatters of London Action Paper) is a DIY newspaper for squatters in London. It is available in print at your nerest local squat and online as a PDF. The paper combines news, pictures, analysis, events and humour and aims to strengthen connections between squatters in London in order to encourage direct actions and other forms of anarchist organising within the squat scene.

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Paper copies available now from Freedom Bookshop (Whitechapel), 56a Infoshop (Elephant and Castle) and all good squat collectives.

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Property Developers Awards Gets Shut Down as cockroaches and manure left outside

The demo against the Property Developer Awards – suported by Sexual Avengers, A.N.A.L, S.H.A, Class War and various others – took place yesterday (April 4th). Developers had paid £400 a head and up to £10,000 a table to attend the Awards, a gross meet-up for London’s top gentrifiers. 

Several pigs vans and a few pigs soon arrived to protect the property developers, who cowered behind them as they entered. The front entranced was successfully closed for a number of hours.

Flyers handed out read:

The Housing Crisis is killing queer people!
We demand Social Housing built for need not greed!

We demand Queer-Specific Homeless Services and an end to inner-city luxury developments!
We demand the scrapping Help to Buy and Right to Buy!
We demand a Rent Cap!
We also demand you stop this celebration, held on the dead and dying bodies of our brothers and sisters and non-binary allies!

Because but not exclusive to:
1/4 of the UK’s Homeless Children are LGBTQ!
1/5 of Trans People have been denied housing because of their identity!
1/4 of Trans Homeless People have been sexually assaulted in a shelter!
1/4 of Queer People have suffered from domestic abuse!

This is just a start as we fight to stop Gentrafication and those set out to profit from the poor and homeless.

London in the midst of a housing crisis. Since 2010 the number of people rough sleeping across England has more than doubled, jumping by 16% between the years of 2015 and 2016 alone. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: over 275,000 people approach local authorities in 2016 for homelessness assistance. Rents are soaring; housing being built is unaffordable to all aside from the richest few; stability and security are nowhere to be found.

Much worse is to come and another protest in Camden .

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Tuesday the 4th of April
Grosvenors House
86 – 90 Park Lane
at 6.00pm

This year the awards are sponsored by multi-national property parasites Savills and costs £400 a ticket.

Once again the profiteers of gentrification will be back at the 5 star luxury Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane.
London is en route to becoming a playground for the rich elite – a process expedited by property developers in collusion with government and corrupt local authorities – ‘regeneration’ is the buzz-word.

Assessing every possible opportunity for expensive, luxury flats to be built, property developers are buying up social and private housing and commercial spaces to ensure maximum profit at whatever cost. The social cost of this process is that poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable people/groups are being evicted, made homeless and are relocated.
These parasites care only for the profits and London’s attraction to the global financial elite is leading them to convert living spaces, social amenities and community assets into soulless investment opportunities which serve none but a tiny, privileged minority.
They are contributing to rising rents and a shortage of social housing, to the closure of libraries and social centres, the demolition of pubs and clubs. They are complicit in a process of social cleansing, by which London is becoming off-limits to the families and communities that have lived here for generations, and built its reputation as the UK’s diverse and vibrant capital.


( Shut Down The Property Awards 2017. Tuesday 4th April, Park Lane at 6.00pm )

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Yesterday NFA Anti-Fascists confronted racist band Zona A at their gig at The Dome in Tufnell Park.

Planning to catch the band upon arrival, NFAAF members scouted the building, later breaking backstage and confronting front-man Koňýk – famous for such song-titles as ‘Cigánsky Problém’ (‘Gypsy Problem’) – as he prepared to play.

Eventually bundled away by friends and entourage, a visibly shaken Koňýk responded only with shouts for help and racist clichés. Anti-fascists later monitored the leaving crowd for far-right insignia.

‘Gypsy Problem’ was released in 1990s Czechoslovakia where Roma gypsies were routinely murdered by Nazi skinhead gangs. Although Zona A later distanced themselves from the song, covers include one by Juden Mord (Jew Murder). A couple of years ago published an article on Koňýk, linking him with several important figures on the Czech and Slovakian extreme right.

In a society with permanent fascist threats, militant resistance to racism is the only remaining option for oppressed people. Anti-traveller discrimination is racism and must be confronted in our everyday lives, at gigs or squats, as against fascists and neo-Nazis in the street.

Fuck the Greyzone – the venues, fans and labels playing to the idea that music is simply music and nothing about the politics behind it – who create the climate of apathy in which racism flourishes. We must smash racism and fight apathy wherever we find them.

NFA Antifascism

Fascists and bailiffs so often share faces. No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists (NFAAF) is a group of squatters, travellers and homeless people combating fascist and bailiff thuggery.

The battle against fascism and against the repression of squatters, travellers and homeless people is the same. Security guards in empty buildings, detention centres and prisons are employed by the same few companies. There is little difference between fascists on the street and those who come to evict us.

A militant antifascist presence on streets and in squats is essential. Creating antifascist, anti-capitalist, anti-statist NFA communities prevents fascist recruitment from the pavement while escalating the fight against the criminalisation of squatters, travellers and homeless people. The institutional racism experienced by travellers, such as at Dale Farm, or the state violence of PSCOs and Vagrancy Acts experienced by homeless people urgently require a militant antifascist response.

NFA Anti-Fascists push for accessibility to antifascism, challenging the presumptions that we can all afford travel or subscription fees, or that the time of unemployed people is worth less than those who work.

NFAAF is a response by people of no fixed abode to the border crisis – against the violence of borders, raids, detention centres and corporate profiteering from this repression. Travelling from one place to another, often squatting in resistance at Calais, the ZADs or Athens, or homeless upon arrival in fortress Europe, migrants are largely of no fixed abode. Fighting for squatters and homeless people means fighting against borders.

Whether fascists, bailiffs, plastic coppers or the bigots we find around us, the fight against fascism is a struggle lived by squatters, travellers and homeless people. The militancy required to defend our homes and bodies against state and capitalist violence and the militancy against fascism is the same.