Till all are Free: NFAAF active with No Borders in Coquelles

On New Year’s Eve, No Fixed Abode Anti fascists joined Calais Migrant Solidarity and people without papers to show solidarity with migrants imprisoned in the detention prison at Coquelles.

Despite their internet threats few racists showed up and those few from Calaisiens en Colere hid behind their cars in the parking lot throughout. The demo was angry and loud in the face of the CRS (French riot police), who uphold the racist border regime, regularly violently attacking migrants and protecting the fascists.

The fascist presence in Calais remains dangerously strong. Fascists attacking the road outside the camp every night intimidating migrants and their comrades with knives, explosives and pellet guns. Since 1st October at least 9 refugees have been gassed and beaten after being abducted in the night. In the past 3 days people in the jungle have increasingly resisted fascist and police attacks, with another being quickly defeated and the fascists beaten away on January 5th.

We will continue to fight until our friends are free and the racist discrimination of borders is destroyed. Solidarity with all those fighting fortress Europe!


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