Refugees Welcome in Nottingham

FIGHTBACK Nottingham, Nottingham Anti-Fascists, Midlands Anti-Fascists and Class War Midlands have announced a counter event against the EDL and Notts Casual Infidels for 28th November:

“Counter event for the ‘stop mass immigration’ event being supported by groups such as the English defence League and Notts Casual Infidels. This is the same group who organised the last demo to which a pathetic 18 turned up and we outnumbered them 6 to 1, theyr’e so ashamed of that defeat that they’ve decided to try again under a different name. They say they are againt ‘uncontroled immigration’ but carry such banners as “homes for heros, NOT refugees”. Their pages are littered with ‘say no to refugees’ images and comments claiming that refugees are ISIS infiltraitors and that we should ‘leave them to drown in the sea’ The organisers of this event are disgusting, knuckle dragging, backward thinking racists and fascists from the EDL and other similarly vile groups.

Here at Fightback and antifa we firmly believe that nobody is illegal as we are all human, nor do we believe in borders. We support everyone’s right to a safe life in whichever country they choose.

We are the majority in this city and we must not allow people like this to enter the town sqare on a saturday afternoon. Last time out we humiliated these nazi’s with just 22 hours organising, there numbers will be greater than the previous 18 but this time we have the weeks, not hours to build a huge demo showing that we support the refugees and these racists are just a pathetic minority in Nottingham. They didn’t pass last time, they wont this time. Simple.

Please invite all your friends, share this event and help us build a huge vibrant demo in support of refugees.

NO PASARAN! Nottingham – Always anti-fascist”

Facebook event here.


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