EDL Dwindle Continues

Solidarity with Bradford Anti-Fascist Network who opposed the English Defence League in Bradford today. The Anti-Fascist Network statement on the day follows below.

“Today saw the AFN come together to oppose the racist EDL in Bradford (all 80/90 of ’em). Whilst the coppers were out in full force, as was the rain, we organised around the city to show the EDL that Bradford doesn’t welcome their hateful rhetoric. After an hour of looking a bit glum in the drizzle balancing oversized flags above their heads, they were eventually shoved onto a coach by their copper chums and driven out of the city .

Whilst the EDL have dwindled to the point of embarrassment, we must be careful to not be complacent in the face of fascism, which is only taking other forms-organise and get on the streets! Get in touch to get going! Here’s a glum photo of the tiny crew complete with sepia tone.”


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