Homes not Spikes

020Since the Tory victory in 2012, homeless spikes have increased twofold. Springing up in doorways and overhangs everywhere, spikes are a blatant exercise in the war against homeless people.

Property owners have time and again ignored peaceful protests against the spikes, which force homeless people to sleep in areas where police intimidation and freezing temperatures are commonplace.

unnamedIn response, No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists have dismantled spikes in the local area and will continue to do so until property owners cease to violate homeless people. NFAAF members provided homeless people in the area with ‘No Comment’ and ‘Stop and Search’ information to prevent police using imagined legislation to further their criminalisation.

026In other news, NFAAF sends solidarity to those at the ZAD who are preparing to resist an upcoming eviction attempt, autonomous student groups preparing for the free education march at Malet Street in London on 4th November, and to Bradford Anti-Fascist Network who have announced their demonstration against the EDL in Bradford on 14th November.


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