Against fascism! Against borders!

Proving that anti-fascism is a diverse struggle, today NFAAF joined other anti-fascists in Dover to oppose borders, Bristol Anti-Fascists opposed Bristol United Patriots, and Midlands Anti-Fascists confronted Britain First in Burton.

The racist hysteria created by fascists and politicians and its foundation, fortress Europe, are urgent targets for anti-fascists everywhere. NFA Anti-Fascists joined hundreds in the struggle for migrant liberation from borders, detention centres and xenophobia. Unlike earlier fascist protests for greater border control in Dover, today’s ‘Refugees Welcome’ march went unopposed. When fascists came to the city, they received curse-words and bricks. Today Dover came out onto the streets to fight against the violence of borders and for solidarity with migrants.

Often squatting at Calais, the ZADs or Athens, or homeless upon arrival within fortress Europe, migrants are largely of no fixed abode. Fighting in solidarity with other squatters and homeless people means fighting against borders.


Bristol United Patriots and Pie and Mash squad were continually run out of town by local anti-fascists today too. BUP members were confronted between the Bristol Marriott Hotel and Cathedral and were penned within more than one shop in the city. The dregs of Pie and Mash squad were later chased out of Bristol with little or no opposition.


Meanwhile Midlands Anti-Fascists opposed fascists Britain First in Burton-on-Trent, who required huge police protection to avoid the same fate as those in Bristol. Despite boasting of hundreds of thousands of Facebook “likes”, Britain First actions are consistently becoming scattered flash-mobs incapable of defending themselves from community resistance.


Solidarity with all anti-fascists on the streets today.


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