EDL opposed in Aylesbury

Solidarity with Oxford Anti-Fascists who opposed the EDL in Aylesbury yesterday. Antifascists outnumbered the racists by around fifty people, who managed to march only under heavy police protection. The chant ‘If it wasn’t for the coppers you’d be dead’ comes to mind.

Write-up from Oxford Anti-Fascists:

Yesterday saw the rump end of the English Defence League wander through Aylesbury closely protected by Thames Valley Police. With less them 100 of them turning up, it looked like they had more flags than members. The EDL is dwindling away and the situation is very different to the last time they came to Aylesbury in 2010 when almost 1,000 people joined their demo. The couple of small groups of EDL that were milling around in the town centre in the morning were noticeably less confident and beat a hasty retreat at the sight of anti-fascists, saving the usual chants of ‘smash the reds’ and ‘come on then’ until they were safely behind police lines. They know they are a spent force.

The AFN and UAF assembled a counter-demo of around 150 but we were penned in by large numbers of police when the EDL drew near, allowing them to march their planned route right through Aylesbury’s main shopping area. The EDL have now reached a stage where they can only march when protected by massive police deployment. It is more important than ever for anti-fascists to show opposition to the EDL, as marching unopposed will only embolden them to carry out racist attacks on the people of Aylesbury and other towns. We had great support from locals turning out to join the counter-demo and then hanging around with the AFN afterwards to give the EDL a rousing send-off and make sure they left town. Lots of positive chants from our side: refugees are welcome here, racists are not!


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